Welcome to Biya Designs.

We are a brand formed of a Freelance background working in delivering simplified visual to web design services. Biya Designs is a brand formed by Lefa Biya the graphic designer behind the brand that has worked with a number of growing to successful brands, also producing award winning work to working with world known faces/brands. Established in 2012 professionally registered in 2015, we have worked with a number of clients across South Africa.

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What we do

We specialise in visual communication

This means we work with various forms of visual communication, you visualise it, we create it for you.

Specialising in photography, graphic design and web design, our work is delivered in ways to accomodate a wide variety of clients based on our avalabity. We specialise in different forms of media, and we have a team dedicated in providing what you require for your business or personal things.


Providing affordable professional photographic services to our clients.

Web Design

Designing professional efficient website deliverling clients goals.

Graphic Design

Providing visual creative services in many diverse designs through different creative forms.


Existing projects or brands get our professional perspective with our creative diversity.

Our Work Process

How we can help you with our services. Below you can download a guide that will help understand the design process and the duration of how long do projects usually take.

Visually communicate your message through different design ideas

Our work will help communicate your message visually and also creatively through layout design

Our Process how we work

Design is a process that takes time and also perfection of attention to detail is needed through that process. A guided design process is available for download so you can understand the process of how we work.

Our Downloadable Portfolio

To view some of our work we have done please download the pdf.


View some of the work we have collaborated on.