Creative Network

Creative Network

Biya Designs has been working with a few people in assisting with their school work or assisting with information based on the career in web design, graphic design and photography. The network is created to inspire and create a platform where we will be able to introduce and assist the upcoming designers with information.

Another part of the network is to show you the artists we have worked with and shared experiences through our professional experiences, including the companies we have worked with to create products and solutions, for their companies that helped to formed part of growing the creative network. When we work together a stream of the network grows to help and assist others with resources that one may require.

We believe that interaction with a lot of people, this creates a network that not only helps Biya Designs grow, but also unites creatives, brands, companies to form a network of resources we can provide together or to each other.

Biya Designs Skill Development/Mentorship

Through the past years the brand and Lefa Biya (Graphic Designer) has been communicating with a few students who are in design and sharing the technical experience of design and proceses that goes in making things work. This does not only help who ever we are assisting but it also helps the brand in growing creatively.

The purpose of the network is to focus on information sharing where ever we can reach out. Biya Designs as a growing design brand when we educate or share the information we know helps us to facilitate a level of growth in design and in future productivity.

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Other Social Media pages

 Lefa Biya on youpic
You Pic

A platform for photographers were you get to see work from all spaces of creativity, get ranked, see how your photography is defined from other photographers all over the world .

 Lefa Biya on behance

Creative platform for all sorts of creatives, also I am happy to contribute to inspiration.

Profile on published articles

 Lefa Biya WHTB
Online Magazine Feature

Thank you to WTHB (We have to believe ) blog for hosting me and sharing my story on photography.

 Lefa Biya KDC
Kimberly Diamond Cup Editorial content contribution

National skateboarding day cover pictures for Pretoria, that got used for this editorial piece on the South African skate culture

Pfukani Chingange
Mr P Chingane

In most days where we get events to cover you will find Mr Chingange alongside with us assisting in covering a few events which needs two photographers. So its almost a year shooting with Mr Chingange and I have say his work will speak for itself and to you.

Pfukani Chingange
Léan Fourie

A student at the design school of South Africa (DASA), we worked with Lean on a few things like his portfolio on creative professionals and how they work. Also it was a great pleasure to work with such talented creatives. His illustrative work is amazing, aslo look out for him in the creative space

Pfukani Chingange
Shaun Pitsoane

From time to time we get to work with young Dedicated Visual artists in collaborating and sharing information. We got to meet Shaun through social media and recently we collaborated on Imvelaphi. A Graphic Design student in UJ based in Joburg. With his strong growing set skill in photography and illustration we got interested in collaborating and also got to know the designer himself.