About Biya Designs

Biya Designs

Lefa Biya the is the founder of Biya Designs based in South Africa in Pretoria. Biya which is the last name of the founder, through that we formed a creative meaning through its acronym structure, which we found a new meaning for it which is Believe In Your Ability, these are the values which the brand has been developed from , "Stay Creative" is the way we love to keep things rolling on the good side of creativity and making sure goals are reached.

Biya wishes to create a platform where freelancers get to collaborate and work together to produce better and innovative solutions for your organisation and projects. The brand aims to keep and produce solutions beyond the services we provide. As a freelance brand we aim to work with other freelancers and create platforms of experience.

Our services ranges from Photography, Graphic Design and Web design. In all of the listed services include the Logo Design, Business Card Design, Profile design and event covering to custom photographic requests.

A registered trading Brand and ranked as a level 3 BBBEE contributor.

Web and Graphic Design

To communicate with your client, to giving your brand an identity its where graphic and web design comes in action. We do cater most websites on clients request. We offer static to dynamic websites

Static websites

are basically your websites that offer information based websites with less interaction but has most of your company details to service listings.

Dynamic websites

are the websites that has most features, like having your own Content Management System that lets you the owner modify your own content, Track its online activity trough analytics, its just lets you have more access to your information. Instructions or lessons will be provided on how to use such tools.


Photography plays a big role when it come to visual communication in most elements to pass and preserve a message or memory. At Biya Designs we specialise with specific types of photography. We have recently done weddings to events and personal request or family photoshoots on how the client wanted. We also do portraits, printed images are available on request.